My projects

Commercial website
WordPress /Bootstrap /PHP
This website was created for the Junior-Enterprise of which I was president. The goal was to create a simple website, easily maintainable by all collaborators. I created a custom theme, to make the website unique.
Bumple game
Java /Maven /Processing
This game was developed with Java and the Processing library on my personal time. The goal is to make a character jump vertically from obstacle to obstacle, without being caught by the shark.
Bysykkel Bot
Go /Docker /Kubernetes
This is a multilingual Telegram chatbot which tells you if there are bikes or locks near you for the city bicycles. It is deployed on Google Container Engine.
Volunteering app
AngularJS /Bootstrap /jQuery
This is an app implemented in AngularJS and Bootstrap. Only the front-end is implemented for now, and special care was taken for the design.
With a team, we created an application to help an incubator manage its startups. The application helps manage finances, meetings, and information on the startups. The goal was to help the incubator replace its Excel sheets by an app.
Budgeting assistant
Node.js /MySQL /Bootstrap
The goal of this app is to manage purchases between roommates. It is easy to access the different information on the purchases in a shared home. This project was focused on a very clean and efficient database schema.